Monday, 2 July 2018

It's time for Magpie Monday!

Maria has challenged me to start doing Magpie Monday posts and she is going to do them too. She even made me this gorgeous graphic! Maria, You're the best!!

So here are my Magpie finds from last week...

The books cost £1 total with another book I bought for mum from Morrisons Charity Book Sale for Cancer Research and the material behind is the back of a beautiful pillowcase that has a matching single duvet cover that I bought from Sue Ryder for £6 I don't know what price it would have been as I don't know where it came from but it was brand new and beautiful!! It probably doesn't count because it is new but I love it!! On the other side are larger flower clusters like these littler ones!

So why those books? Well with a registered Blind father who has considered having a Guide dog and we have a couple of 2 year old pups who still need some training it seemed too good to leave behind and My Left Foot I remember my parents telling me about many times during my childhood so I think I might actually try to read it (health issues make reading a bit tricky at times!)

So if you're the Thrifty type and have some great finds you'd love to share with other like-minded people then just remember to link up with your post with Miss Lizzies!

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