Sunday, 1 July 2018

Essential Reward Promotions

When you have fallen so in love with Young Living oils that you are buying about £50 a month you want to get onto the Essential Rewards Program! Trust me you want to be doing this as soon as possible as the rewards are great!

Here are the reasons to get on Essential Rewards or ER as you will quickly come to call it!

  • easy monthly shipments (you choose the date and products and can change both every month to suit you!)
  • you get reduced Shipping rate
  • Exclusive Reward Points: for months 1-3 you get 10 %, months 4-24 you go up to 20 %, and then from 25+ months you get 25 %!!
  • Exclusive Bonuses for those who wish to take up the business opportunities. Check out the details here
  • AND you get a free bonus oil every 3 months for the first year and every year after that!! And the anniversary oil is a new specially created oil every year!
So down to this months ER Promotion, in a nice easy to see graphic, courtesy of the lovely Maria Langford my Team Leader! Thank you, Maria!!

The total of all the gifts if you were to put in an order of 350PV is £186.60! Now that's a great offer!! Unfortunately for me at the mo, I will be looking at just getting Lavender+ this month but as Maria always says "You can never have too much Lavender" I agree even though you will frequently hear me say " I hate Lavender!!!" ;-) (Just a note on PV. 1PV is about 80p) 

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